• ZHIXIN HE(President)


    Bachelor of Industrial Automation—TongJi University, China
    Master of Electronic Engineering—Darmstadt University of Technology, German

    He acts for businesses in patenting inventions, registering designs and advising on freedom to operate in China and overseas.
    He has a business focus and specializes in advising on freedom to operate and possible infringement issues. He also drafts and prosecutes commercially focused patent and registered design application, and handles contentious proceedings.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent filing and examination, Patent searching, Patent opposition and revocations, Strategic Protection of IP, Preparation and filing of Application, Freedom to Operate

    Technical Fields:
    Mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, Information and communication technology



    Master of German philology—Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

    She studied Politics and German philology at Darmstadt University of Technology and graduated with academic degree of Master in  Politics and German philology. She is the Executive director at KEYDION, a IP translation expert. She has also about 12 years experience (German/English) as a Project manager/Translator as well as proofreader.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent Translation, Technical Translation, Deadline Control, Project Management


    Bachelor of German philology—Mianyang Teacher's College, China

    Since joining Zhixin in 2017, Renqing Wen worked as a patent consultant. She has been engaged in a number of and various types of patent searching and analyzing projects. She has accumulated rich experience in patent search and analysis, and has repeatedly participated in customer training, which deepens her professional knowledge in communication with customers. During the project implementation process, focusing on the needs of customers, starting from the actual needs of enterprises, she effectively provides valuable services to corporate customers. In addition, her practice also involves patent portfolio management, searching for patent applications and the assistance of invalidity and infringement matters.
    Renqing Wen assists clients with understanding the technology landscape in order to capture the value of their intellectual assets in China. This includes providing the ground analysis of the innovation landscape, competition, and general risk factors regarding the regulatory & litigation environment.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent application consulting, patent searching and analyzing


  • XIAOLAN LI(Coordinator)

    West Normal University, China

    Ms. Li has engaged in the intellectual property industry since 2014 and has been responsible for the management of domestic intellectual property process for many years. After many years of practice, Ms. Li has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, especially familiar with Chinese patent law and process work. At present, Ms. Li is mainly responsible for the business negotiation of the preliminary work of the project, the overall planning of agent work, etc.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent project consulting and planning, project management

  • HANYU JIANG(Senior Technical Translator)

    Bachelor of German philology—Beijing Foreign Studies University, China

    She studied German philology at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Before she join us in 2013, she worked in renowned Bertelsmann AG as a team leader of German translation department.

  • HAIQIONG HOU(Leader of Filing Department)

    Polus International College, China

    Since the beginning of her career in patent process management in 2015, she has handled tens of thousands of patent application cases in the past 6 years and has gained rich experience in patent process management. Based on her working experience over the years and the firm’s routine practice, she managed to incorporate patent rules into daily work and formed her own theories in establishing patent process management mode and procedures, training patent management personnel and providing high-quality service to clients and applicants.
    She started working as the head of Filing Department since 2017, and has gained rich experience in client IP management and program design for application service.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent application documents examination, time limit monitoring, documents processing, follow-up management and handling of various types of patent procedures

  • PENGCHENG CHEN(General Manager)

    Bachelor of Chemistry—Peking University, China

    Familiar with prior art search, FTO search, patent application preparation, filing and prosecution in technical fields including chemistry, pharmacology and mechanical engineering, and have rich experience in international and domestic patent filing and prosecution. At the same time, he is in charge of translation and proofreading of international application documents.
    Practice Areas:

    Preparation, filing and prosecution of international patent application and domestic patent application, invalidation, infringement prosecution, patent translation and proofreading

  • MENGXUAN SUN(Senior Technical Translator)

    Bachelor of German Language and Literature—Southwest Jiaotong University, China

    Practice Areas:
    Patent Translation, Technical Translation, Quality Control & Process Management

  • LU LI(Trademark Attorney)

    Lu Li has been working in IP fields since 2010. She has expertise in the acquisition of well-known trade mark recognition, advising on the registrability of non-traditional trade marks (sound marks, color-combination marks, certification marks, and geographic indications), on the trade mark transactions and licensing, as well as on integrating IPR protection strategies with portfolio management.
    She has gained experience in various IP issues with particular focus on practices concerning trademark prosecution, protection and trademark-related administrative litigation. Ms. Li also provides professional trademark protection and management services for many domestic and foreign clients. Her client base spans multi-national companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, technology and machinery, food and beverage, real estate, education and fashion. She also provides strategies for Chinese clients on global IP management.
    In addition, she has been extensively involved in strategic trademark consulting and the management and restructuring of trademark portfolios for many years. Ms. Li has handled thousands of cases representing the clients which are worldwide well-known companies or organizations. She also concentrates her practice on tailoring overall strategic schemes for clients to safeguard their trademark rights in China.

    Practice Areas:
    Trademark prosecution, opposition, cancellation, invalidation, renewal, licensing, assignment, and the protection and management of trademarks

  • YUE HAN(Patent Attorney)

    Bachelor of Computer Information System—Beihang University, China

    1999-2001 China Electronic System Engineering Corp.  Developer of Computer Software
    2001-2006 Patent Examination Cooperation Center of The Patent Office, CNIPA  Patent Examiner
    2006-2011 Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd.  Patent Attorney
    2011-Now Haihong Jiacheng Intellectual Property & Partners  Patent Attorney

    Before engaging in patent prosecution work, he has engaged in patent examination work in the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for many years, has completed the examination of a huge number of electronic patent applications, and is familiar with Chinese Patent Law, Implementation Regulations, Examination Guidelines and Examination Procedures. Since 2005, he has been engaged in foreign-related patent prosecution work in a well-known patent Agency in Beijing. He has actually carried out a lot of prosecution work from patent application, patent litigation, responding to office action to defense of invalidation, etc.

    Practice Areas:
    Foreign-related patent prosecution, representing clients during reexamination or invalidation process

  • CHANG XU(Patent Translator)

    Bachelor of German philology—Chongqing University, China
    Master of German Translator—Sichuan International Studies University, China

    She has about 5 years long experience as a Translator as well as a proofreader. She has studied legal translation relating to IP law & PCT rules. Additionally, she is engaged in patent translation and proofreading, especially in the field of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering (in particular drive systems such as gear drives, clutches and exhaust systems) as well as locking systems. She also provides support in translation work related to court verdicts and patent-related legal documents.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent Translation, Technical Translation, Localization

  • JUAN PANG(Patent Consultant)

    Bachelor of Tourism Management—Yunnan University, China

    She has been actively involved in a series of training courses organized by the China National Intellectual Property Administration since 2017
    At present, she mainly deals with affairs related to domestic and abroad intellectual property applications, assisting the attorneys to provide clients with the all-round, one-stop intellectual property services including pre-planning, application-related affairs and post-maintenance of patents and foreign-related patents, dealing with all kinds of corresponding procedures before the China National Intellectual Property Administration and the foreign-related patent offices of other countries. Outsides, she assists in the development and provision of patent-related training. Assisting with patent and literature searches related to patentability.
    Based on the in house sales platform and customer resource information, she develops new customers and taps customer demand through network marketing, telemarketing and other comprehensive ways; responsible for maintaining customer relations, timely resolving customers’ problems, improving customers’ satisfaction; also responsible for collecting and organizing customer information.

    Practice Areas:
    Providing services aimed at patents and foreign-related patents, including pre-planning, application-related work and post-maintenance and all-round, one-stop intellectual property services

  • SHU XIE(Patent Attorney)

    He studied in the Japanese Department of Yunnan University for one year in 1995, and studied in the Japanese Department of Fu Jen Catholic University for half an year in 2015.

    2001-2007    Electrical Department of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd.   Patent Engineer
    2007-2009    Electrical Department of CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office   Patent Attorney
    2009-2014    Electrical Department of Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd.   Patent Attorney
    2014-Now     Department of Japanese Affairs of Zhixin & Partners Law Firm Ltd.  Team Leader

    Practice Areas:
    Patent prosecution, translation & review (Japanese, English), conducting prior art search or FTO search, making response to office action, representing clients during reexamination or invalidation process

    Technical Fields:
    Electricity related fields, such as semiconductor, computer, automobile, communication, optics, mechanics, etc.

  • YUELING HOU(Patent Attorney)


    Bachelor of Physics—Taiyuan Normal University, China
    Master of Physics—Chongqing University, China

    She works as a Patent Attorney and practices in the field of intellectual property, especially in the field of physics, optics, Communication and electricity, engaged in various affairs including patent retrieval, counselling service, drafting application documents for patents, making professional responses to office actions in the substantive examination proceedings. She also is good at handling reexamination and invalidation cases, making patent infringement analysis, etc. Furthermore, she does excellent at devising feasible patent protection strategies for clients. She has already had practical experience in obtaining evidence, application of evidence and defense in litigation involving intellectual property rights.
    From 2014 to now, her technical field that applied involves electronics, communication, network, machinery, materials and other fields. Her excellent writing and analysis ability has won wide praise from customers.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent retrieval, counselling service, drafting application documents for patents, making responses to office actions, handling reexamination and invalidation cases, making patent infringement analysis

  • LIN GAO(Senior Technical Translator)

    Bachelor of German philology—Nankai University, China

    He has bout 8 years experience (German/English) as a Translator as well as proofreader.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent Translation, Technical Translation, Localization

  • ZHICHUN ZHAO(Docketing Specialist)

    The Engineering & Technical College of Chengdu University of Technology, China

    Since being engaged in the intellectual property industry in 2016, she has been responsible for the handling of patent process affairs for many years which involves the whole field of patent law practice, assisting in dealing with various issues related to patent application, including the preparation and supervision of patent application and patent infringement, and has accumulated rich practical experience therefrom. She is especially familiar with China's patent law and process work.
    In addition, she is also responsible for the quality control of the Filing Department. According to the principles of project management and the requirements of ISO quality regulations, all the nodes in the workflow are strictly monitored and grasped with her assistance to provide high-quality and efficient project results to customers.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent application documents examination, time limits monitoring, documents processing, follow-up management and handling of various types of patent procedures

  • YUTING WU(Junior Technical Translator)


    Bachelor of German—Capital Normal University, China
    Master of Education—Philipps University Marburg , Germany

    Practice Areas:
    Patent Translation, Technical Translation, Legal Translation, Preparing of Office Action

  • MINGYUE WEI(Patent Consultant)

    Bachelor of Financial Engineering—Yingkou Institute of Technology, China

    Worked as an intellectual property consultant since September 2020, she has been engaged in works regarding domestic, German and European patents, utility models, trademarks, patent disputes and other fields. Through regular exchanges with scholars, she helps identifying scientific and technological discoveries of their potential patent protection and assesses the scientificity and novelty of these discoveries in terms of patentability, other intellectual property protection (including trademarks) and commercial applications.
    She interacts with the R & D teams from universities or firms to identify new intellectual property rights and ensure the protection of existing inventions. She drafts, sues and acts as an agent to maintain the company's global patent portfolio, handling US and foreign litigation matters, as well as Inter Partes review and freedom of operation analysis and conducting due diligence on the agency's technology transfer. She handles the intellectual property transfer affairs of the firm and develops intellectual property strategies for emerging technology companies and strategic portfolios for public technology companies.
    Good at providing consulting services to senior management, excellent skilled at writing, communication, organization and problem solving.

    Practice Areas:
    Providing services aimed at patents and foreign-related patents, including pre-planning, application-related work and post-maintenance and all-round, one-stop intellectual property services

  • FENG GUO(Patent Attorney)

    Bachelor of Communications—Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, China
    Master of Optical Engineering—University of Electronic Science and Technology, China

    Before entering the field of intellectual property, he was engaged in the design of CATV HFC network; during the postgraduate period, he was mainly engaged in the research and development of optical waveguide devices in the field of integrated optics and optical communication;
    Familiar with patent application preparation, prosecution, searching and consulting in many technical fields, and have rich experience in patent preparation and prosecution. The technical fields involved mainly include communications, electricity, and optics. He is good at using TRIZ theory (inventive problem solving theory) to guide students to make technological innovations through retrieval, imitation, and substantial technological improvement. He also has rich experience in invalidation and infringement prosecution.

    Practice Areas:
    Patent Preparation, Filing and Prosecution, Patent Search and Consultation

  • ZANDUO JIANG(Patent & Trademark Paralegel)

    Bachelor of German philology—Sichuan International Studies University, China

    She works as a translator as well as a proofreader, familiar with the operation of different CAT tools and the localization of various documents relating machinery, software, e-learning courses, game… She has also worked as a project manager for over 10 clients, engaged in tracking and controlling the quality and progress of the translation of ca. 1.5 million words.
    Now, she works mainly as the patent & trademark paralegal and is responsible for the foreign-related communication and controlling the progress of patent/trademark application.

    Practice Areas:
    Technical Translation, Localization, Deadline Control, Quality Control, Project Management

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