Competitive advantage: IP right

The ancient Greeks already had patents for inventions. In his Deipnosophistae Athenaeus reported of monopolies for new recipes: “If one of the cooks were to invent his own new delicious recipe, then within the next year no one should be allowed to use this invention except the inventor himself. During this time he should make a profit from it, so that the others would make an effort and compete to exceed the invention.“ This principal still applies today: a temporary exclusive and prohibitive right as an economic incentive and reward for a new invention.

Investments in research and development create innovations in order to be competitively successful nationally and internationally. However when creating technical innovations one must fear that these innovations will be copied by a third party thereby achieving a timely and economic advantage for them. Since successful products and ideas can in principle be copied by anybody if not prohibited by means of an IP right. For this reason, you should secure your investments and create a competitive advantage for yourself by protecting your inventions by IP rights.

Different property rights are particularly suited to providing effective protection against imitations, depending on the type of invention or innovation. While technical inventions are usually protected by patents for invention or utility model, creative configurations are eligible for trademark and design protection, for example.

To ensure that even complex products are given effective protection which keeps competitors at a distance over the long term, a combination of different property rights is often the correct strategy. We draw upon our extensive experience to develop and implement, together with our clients, the right strategy for protecting their inventions and innovations.

As patent attorneys with technical or scientific background, we share your passion for technique and work with the same enthusiasm, the same precision and exceptional performance for the protection of the IP of your company as you for the further development of your products and innovations.

Trusted and intensive teamwork as well as our standards for precise work contribute to the success of our clients and are confirmed through long-lasting relationships with our clients. Irrespective of prosecution, opposition or infringement proceedings, we always are committed to the enforcement and defense of the interests of your company using our knowledge and experience.

Our portfolio includes in particular national and international services in the field of patents for invention, utility model, design and trademarks, i.e. filing and enforcement of IP rights. In addition, we offer our clients patent legal advice and services in connection with all inquiries in the fields of employer inventor law, copyright and competition law as well as professional searches, expert opinions and IP surveillance.

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