Utility models

A Utility Model is a protection right similar to an invention. A Utility Model protects technical inventions against imitation with the exception of methods. The main differences between inventions and utility models relate to the term and the registration procedure. The term of the utility model is at most 10 years, instead of the 20 years which is the usual case for an invention. In the registration procedure for a utility model, only a simple formal examination with subsequent registration is necessary, instead of a substantive examination of the requirements for legal validity or an official examination regarding novelty and inventive step. The Applicant thus obtains protection faster than with an invention application.

In connection with the registration of Utility Models our services include, for example:
• advice prior to filing
• carrying out of prior art searches
• drafting and filing of Utility Model Applications

• The preparation, filing, support and management of the grant procedures for utility model

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