A patent protects a technical invention against imitation. The protection period of a patent lasts 20 years beginning with the filing date if it is renewed on a regular basis. Patent protection can be achieved via national patents ("patents for invention", "patents for utility model" and "patents for design") or an international application.
The national patent results from a national patent application, i.e. filed with the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C. It offers patent protection solely in the respective country, i.e. China.
A European patent results from a single European patent application. After granted, the European patent application separates into national patents so that with a single application procedure a national patent protection can be achieved in several countries of the European Union.
The European patent with unitary protection also results from a single European patent application, but offers unitarily protection in the participating member states. In contrast to a classical European patent it is not possible to choose single countries.
The International patent application (PCT) does not lead to a patent, but is a preliminary procedure. At a later stage the International patent application can be nationalized/regionalized into national/regional patent applications.
A patent offers its owner the sole right to utilization of the patented invention, so that he has the right to prohibit third parties the use of the invention. The advantage of the patent is that the owner of the invention can utilize the invention himself, grant licenses to third parties, can sell the patent, or can refrain from any utilization (blocking-off patent). The prohibition of use for third parties extends to the production, the offering, bringing onto the market/selling, the use, the possession, and import of the patented goods.
Acquisition, maintenance and enforcement of rights – we help our clients to do all of these things. We protect innovations, new technologies and products.

Our services in connection with the filing of patents include:
• carrying out prior art searches
• A focused search of all prior publications to innovations
• professional drafting of patent applications
• filing of patent applications
• The preparation, filing, support and management of the grant procedures for patents
• advice prior to filing
• Preparation and revision of license agreements
• elaborating patent strategies
• Development of strategies for intellectual property
• Enforcement of intellectual property rights nationally and internationally.
• Consultation and advice on management of portfolios and industrial property rights
• Assessment and examination of new technology or intellectual property right portfolios 

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