Design protection

A design is the two- or three-dimensional form of appearance of an entire product or of a specific part (design protection). Designs which meet the requirements of novelty and individual character when the application is filed are eligible for protection. Design protection commences upon the design being registered.
Design protection is not only of use for artistic designs. It can also be recommended whenever design aspects play a role in the appearance of a product alongside technical aspects. The possibilities offered by design protection are therefore much more extensive than is frequently assumed. It is in parallel with invention or utility model protection that design protection can be a factor that makes a particular contribution to success, especially because it is often easier and more cost-effective to enforce than technical property rights, i.e. inventions and utility models.
We have experience in design protection – both in relation to purely artistic designs and in relation to designs in the context of technical products. Especially in the last mentioned area in particular, there is a great deal of potential for the use of design protection, which has to this day not been deployed as fully as it could have been. We are happy to assist you in highlighting and enabling optimum use of the possibilities which this property right offers your business.

Our services in connection with designs include for example:
• advice prior to filing
• elaboration of filing strategies

• prosecution

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